SCANLAB BasicCube/ScanCube China 2 Axis Laser Galvo Scanner Head

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    SCANLAB laser galvo scanner heads provide excellent power and excellent product quality in the smallest size package. The successful function of the galvo scanner head in the intellicube® series combines the successful SCANcube® intelligence® platform. It has sealing, waterproof and dustproof, small size, compact and solid, excellent power, and super stable performance, which ensures the continuous and trouble-free operation of the whole machine for a long time. SCANcube® and intellicube®'s powerful and very tight appearance housing facilitates simple integration into the production environment, and the superior performance of long-term stable operation makes it widely used in various laser processing production fields with strict requirements.

    Mainly used on fiber, Nd: YAG laser and CO2 laser marking machine. The digital marking head has strong anti-interference ability, fast marking speed, high marking accuracy, and compact structure, and is especially suitable for ordinary laser marking, flying marking, film engraving, surface texturing, etc. Appropriate optical components can be selected to supply marking heads suitable for CO2, Nd: YAG and fiber lasers. The marking area depends on the field lens used, and different marking areas can be configured according to customer needs. The focal spot diameter is a theoretical value. The actual focal spot diameter is related to the laser parameters, marking parameters, and marking head configuration.

    laser galvo scanner heads SCANcube® and intellicube® bring successful applications requiring very fast engraving and marking speeds and integration into a tightly integrated small space.

    Why Buy From JCZ?

    1. Competitive Price

    JCZ gets the exclusive lowest price as an important partner with SCANLAB China Distributor. Therefore, a competitive price can be offered to customers.

    2. One-stop Service

    It is always a headache issue for customers if the main parts like a laser, galvo, laser controller are from different suppliers when need support. Buying all the main parts from one reliable supplier seems to be the best solution and obviously, JCZ is the best option.

    3. Customized Service

    JCZ is not a trading company, we have more than 70 professional laser, electrical, software engineers, and 30+ experienced worker in the production department. Customized services like customized inspection, pre-wiring, and assembly are available.


    SCANcube Ⅲ
    Aperture[mm] 10
    Tracking error[ms] 0.14
    Typical speeds  
    Marking speed[m/s] 2.5
    Positioning speed[m/s] 12
    Writing speed  
    Good writing quality[cps] 800
    High writing quality[qps] 570
    Step response time  
    1% of full scale[ms] 0.35
    10% of full scale[ms] 1
    Repeatability(RMS)[μrad] <2.0
    Positioning resolution[Bit] 16
    Nonlinearity <3.5mrad/44°(6)
    Temperature drift <30
    Offset [μrad/K] <160
    Gain [ppm/K]  
    Long-term drift8-h-drift(after30minwarm-up)  
    Offset[urad] <100
    Gain[ppm] <250
    SCANcube Ⅲ
      SCANcube III 10 SCANcube III 14
    Aperture 10mm 14mm
    Tracking error 0.12ms 0.15ms
    Step response time    
    1% of full scale 0.30ms 0.35ms
    10% of full scale 0.80ms 0.90ms
    Typical speeds    
    Marking speed 3.0m/s 2.0m/s
    Positioning speed 16.0m/s 14.0m/s
    Writing speed    
    Good writing quality 925cps 740cps
    High writing quality 700cps 500cps
    Long-term drift 8-h-drift after 30min warm-up    
    Offset <100μrad <100μrad
    Gain <100ppm <100ppm
    Temperature drift <25μrad/K <25μrad/K
    Gain <25ppm/K <25ppm/K
      hurrySCAN III 10  hurrySCAN III 14
    aperture 10 mm 14 mm
    Tracking error 0.12 ms 0.18 ms
    Step response time    
    1%of full scale 0.35 ms 0.35 ms
    10%of full scale 1.7 ms 1.2 ms
    Typical speeds 3.0 ms  
    Marking speed   2.0 m’s
    Positioning speed 12 m/s 12 mls
    Writing speed    
    Good writing quality 1000 cps 660 cps
    High writing quality 700 cps 410 cps
    Long-term drift8-h-drift   (after 30 min warm-up)    
    Gain 100 ppm
    24-h-drift(after 3 h warm-up)
    Offset 100 urad
    Temperature drift
    optical performance    
    Typical scan angle of scanner  土0.35 rad 土0.35 rad
    typical scan angle of scanner  r0.35 rad 土0.35 rad
    typical field size - square 110x 110 mm 90 x 90 mm
    Weight(without objective) approx.3 kg  approx.3 kg 
    SCANcube Ⅲ

    basi cube10 drawing

    SCANcube Ⅲ




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