Potentiometer/Position Sensor Laser Trimming Machine China – TS4410 Series

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Potentiometer / Position Sensor Laser Trimmer Machine - TS4410 High Precision

The TS4410 series potentiometer/displacement sensor laser trimming machine has been developed for the resistive potentiometer and linear displacement sensor market. The precision laser trimming machine is not only able to trim the linearity of the resistor, but also to trim the absolute resistance of the resistor at the same time. This equipment is widely used for laser trimming of all kinds of precision potentiometers (plastic/ceramic), displacement sensors, and other products.

Main Features

◆Self-developed Trim Linear trimming software system, with the company's unique patented laser trimming technology, with powerful functions and easy to operate, any angle fixed point trimming and manual trimming operation possible to realize a more flexible and changeable trimming method and application requirements according to customer needs. The trimmer has a wealth of measuring system, such as clearance measurement, symmetry measurement function, etc., to meet the technical index during the production of the potentiometer.
◆Using our independent research and development of a high-precision measurement control system and operating software, which is with a powerful function to expand. We can meet a variety of special customer needs, such as:
>Symmetry retouching: Symmetry resistance retouching can be done from any angle as the center starting position, with a minimum measurement accuracy of angle is 2';
>Resistive trimming of arbitrary target curves: to scribe any function in any angle range and ensure a smooth transition between different line segments.
◆Independently designed and developed coaxial video system with a high-resolution industrial camera can achieve automatic alignment correction, reduce human alignment error, and improve production efficiency.

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Model TS4410D-L1000 TS4410F-L300  TS4410F-C50
Processing Products Linear Displacement Sensor Potentiometer/Circular Displacement Sensor
Processing Size L=25~1000 L=20~300 Φ=10-70
Independent linearity 25: ≤±0.2%
50-100: ≤±0.1%
125-1000: ≤±0.05%
20: ≤±0.25%
50-100: ≤±0.2%
100-300: ≤±0.1%
10-25: ≤±0.15%
25-70: ≤±0.1%
Target Trim precision ±0.2%
Measuring System Measuring Range: 100Ω-500KΩ
Measuring Precision: Medium Trim: 0.02% High Trim(>160K): 0.04%
Software O/S WIN7/10
Power Supply 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
Gas Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Operation Temperature 24±4℃
Dimension 1182*902*1510mm
Note: Independent linearity may be influenced slightly by material and the initial linearity. Parameter above can not be used as the equipment acceptance standard.

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Laser Trimming Machine
Laser Trimming Software
Laser Trimming Measuring System
Laser Trimming Machine
Laser Trimming Software
Laser Trimming Measuring System

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