Laser Manufature News Interveiwed JCZ Cheif Engineer

Interview: JCZ Laser Robot Solution for 5G and Other Industries

Part 1

C:(Zemin Chen, Cheif Engineer of JCZ)  
R:Laser Manufacture News Reporter

R: Mr. Chen, thank you very much for being with us today.
C: Hello!

R: First of all, please introduce yourself and your company's basic situation and development.
C: Hi, I'm Chen Zemin of JCZ. JCZ is dedicated to laser delivery and control products as well as the optical system. In the laser industry, our products are at a leading position, especially its galvo scanner and control software. We have our software patents and have excellent teams focusing on these products. Today, you can see some new products here.

R: Yes. I can see a Kuka Robot here. Can you tell us about it? Like its application.
C: This is one of our new products. It combines the 3D galvo scanner and the robot developed under the requirements of the 5G industry. The product demonstrated is the complex part of the 5G antenna, which has many complex shapes. 3D galvo scanner, robot, and our software algorithm can help to achieve automatic robot production of 5G antenna. According to China's national strategic plan, hundreds of thousands of 5G base stations will be established this year, with several to a dozen antennas on a single base station. So the demand for antennas should be more than ten or twenty million units. In the past, we rely on a more semi-manual production method, and the efficiency may be very low, which obviously cannot reach the market demand. So we developed this technology to meet the needs of the market. The robot I've mentioned is KuKa, but in fact, It is not limited to one model or brand. The interface is universal.

Part 2

R: So it is possible to customize a solution?
C: Yes. It is not limited to mobile phones' 5G antennas. Also, it can be used on the processing of many complex surfaces. For example, some car covers, three-dimensional complex surface.

R: You've just mentioned the solution. Was it developed this year?
C: Yes, this year.

R: Are you planning to promote it through the exhibition?
C: Yes. This is what we are doing right now.

R: Is it the latest research result of this year?
C: Yes. And I hope we can get more applications by showing it to people. Not all the people who come to this exhibition are doing the 5G antenna. This system can also be used for other applications, so we hope customers can brainstorm to explore more application fields.

R: All right. What impact will this year's pandemic have on JCZ? Or what new challenges does it bring to JCZ?
C: The pandemic has affected different industries differently. Some industries or markets in some fields may shrink, but some may grow. At the peak of the epidemic, mask machines were selling dramatically. Masks need UV laser marking, which meant there was a demand, so our sales grew rapidly at that time. For the overall situation this year, our company's domestic market and overseas markets are complementary. During the severe outbreak of the epidemic in China, the overseas market maintained good momentum. After the outbreak of the epidemic in other countries, however, the resumption of work in China brought us a good opportunity.

R: It's also an opportunity for JCZ, right?
C: I think it's not just an opportunity for JCZ, but also for all businesses that are willing to explore.

R: Please talk about your expectations and prospects of the laser industry.
C: The laser industry can be said to be a very traditional industry. I have been working in the laser industry for more than 30 years. But it is also a very new industry because up to now, there are still many people who are not familiar with the laser industry. so concerning the laser application, development, or popularization, many fields can be explored, and it is possible to be widely applied to everyone's daily life. It has now been used in education, health care, and agriculture industries. At present, we're not very deep in them, but that's where we're going to be thinking in the future.

R: The direction of exploration.
C: Yes. If we can popularize laser as home appliances, the market demand will have great growth. We have been looking for a breakthrough, looking for the direction of development.

R: Well, thank you very much, Mr. Chen, for being with us. I hope JCZ is getting better. Thank you.
C: Thank you.

Post time: Jul-09-2020