NO.1 Resist COVID-19 and resume work and production

In early 2020, during the national COVID-19 outbreak, Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd. actively do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work.

Since February 10, all JCZ staff started to work online, even when the epidemic was in progress.

In the case that the national epidemic prevention and control has achieved greater success and the production and living order has been fully restored, JCZ resumed full work from May 6, ensuring the most efficient and high-quality service for customers as always.


NO.2 Rights Protection

The first case of the JCZ rights defense series was announced

As a technology-based control system service company with independent intellectual property rights and many patents, JCZ attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and resolutely fights against illegal acts of intellectual property infringement.

Results of the first trial verdict in the case of piracy infringement of Golden Orange products in October 2020

First, the main offender Xu** committed the crime of copyright infringement and was sentenced to three years of imprisonment and a fine of RMB 150,000.

Second, the accomplices Huang** and Shi** committed the crime of copyright infringement and were sentenced to one year of imprisonment and a fine of RMB20,000.

The result of the second pirated infringement case

Since JCZ took legal measures to resist piracy last year, this is the second case of pirated copyright infringement to be announced.

Sentencing Result

Defendant Fu** was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison and fined RMB 1.36 million for copyright infringement.


NO.3 Successfully completed the first round of financing

On September 6, 2020, JCZ successfully completed its first financing since the establishment of the company, with a financing amount of 46 million RMB, led by Jiaxing Wowniu Zhixin and followed by Suzhou Orange Core Ventures and Shandong Haomai. This strategic financing marks the first step for JCZ to leverage the capital market to help the booming development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Corporate financing

NO.4 Suzhou subsidiary was officially incorporated

On October 26, 2020, Suzhou JCZ Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was officially incorporated! The establishment of the Suzhou subsidiary further enhances the company image and corporate image, signifying that JCZ has the strength to advance to a high starting point and modern industry, and also signifies that the staff will have better development space and a brighter future.


NO.5 New product

3D laser galvo scanner–INVINSCAN series

JCZ launched a new series of 3D laser galvo scanner – INVINSCAN, with uniform, high precision, stable, and high-speed processing, which can be perfectly applied to deep engraving, complex surface marking, high diameter to depth ratio hole turning, 3D printing, etc.


Hercules Control Systems

JCZ launched the Hercules control system, which integrates machine vision and a laser system to industrial robots, giving a new mode and application space to laser processing. The control system integrates 3D laser processing, robot control technology, and 3D machine vision, covering laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, etc. It can meet various diversified requirements such as complex surfaces, large size workpieces , and multi-species flexible processing.

Hercules Control Systems

NO.6 Exhibition & Conference

In 2020, although affected by the epidemic, we have received the news that the exhibition has been postponed or canceled one after another, but through the cloud on the exhibition so that JCZ has a new channel way to interact with everyone, online and offline complement each other, JCZ strives to enhance the radiation and influence of enterprises for the surrounding areas, actively build customer relationships, further enhance the brand awareness and reputation, and create communication opportunities for more supply and demand sides.

TCT Asia 2020


LASER World of photonics CHINA


Electronica South China


NCLP 2020

NCLP 2020

NO.7 Awards

Ringier Technology Innovation Award

On August 21, 2020, JCZ was awarded the prestigious “2020 Laser Industry – Ringier Technology Innovation Award” for the third consecutive year for its Polar Ear Cutting Control System, 3D Printing Control System and this year’s Hercules Control System.

OFweek Cup

On September 14, 2020, with the Hercules control system, JCZ won the “OFweek Cup – OFweek 2020 Laser Industry Laser Components, Accessories and Assemblies Technology Innovation Award” among many other technology innovation companies.


Post time: Jan-06-2021