How to Upgrade EZCAD2 to EZCAD3


EZCAD3 is a new generation of laser marking software, with world-leading programming and laser control technology. The update of EZCAD2 is officially stopped in 2019. This article will guide you to upgrade your current controller and software to the latest version with the latest techniques.

What is the extra work?

1. Pre-Wiring (JCZ will do)

The pin of the LMC controller(Works with EZCAD2) is different from the DLC controller (Works with EZCAD3). JCZ will make provide some converters to ensure no extra wiring required.

2.Different Power Supply (JCZ will do)

The LMC controller(works with EZCAD2)uses DC  5V 2A power. But DLC controller (works with EZCAD3) requires DC 12V  2A power.

JCZ will offer one Mini DC 12V 2A power like the picture below.

Power Supply for Laser Controller

3. Re-calibration.(With video tutorials)

EZCAD3 uses a more accurate calibration method to reduce distortion and enhance precision.

We will provide video tutorials to guide you to do a high precision calibration, which takes around 15 minutes. Please prepare a ruler in advance.

4. 64-bits O/S Only

EZCAD3 is with a 64-bit kernel, which greatly enhanced the performance of the software. A 64-bit operating system is required and WIN10 with 64 bits is suggested.

5. Software Re-setting (JCZ will do)

The setting of EZCAD3 is slightly different from EZCAD2. JCZ will do pre-setting for you according to your current setting.

6. Different Installation.

The dimension of the DLC controller(works with EZCAD3) is different from the LMC controller (works with EZCAD2), which means that if your machine cabinets do not have enough space, you need to install it outside of the cabinet.

Three optional type of controller is available below.

A: Naked double-layer controller. You can install inside your machine if there is enough space or install it outside of the cabinet without protection.


B: DLC controller with covers. If your machine cabinet does not have enough space, it can be installed outside of the machine safely.


C. DLC controller with industrial PC integrated. Just prepare one monitor and place it outside of the machine cabinet.


Filling In the Form With the Guides Below.

1. Take an picture of your complete machine and upload it.

The picture of the whole machine will give us a general idea of the configuration of your machine.

2. Take pictures of the main parts installed and uploade them..

Open the cabinet of your machine, and take a picture of the controller and laser source, as well as the galvo scanner, which is installed outside of the cabinet. Please include the model and serial number if there is one.


Controller (Inside of Cabinet)

 laser source

Laser Source (Inside of Cabinet) 


Galvo Scanner (outside of Cabinet)

3. Compress the EZCAD2 software folder and upload it.

Compress the folder of EZCAD2 and upload it to the form. This will be used to do the pre-setting of EZCAD3.

4. Confirm applied functions.

Filling the form below detailly so that we can confirm the availability to upgrade and do the pre-wiring and pre-setting before shipping.

Post time: Aug-14-2020