5 Axis Mould Laser Surface Texturing Machine China

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LEM series 5 axis texturing machine is co-developed by Himilelaser and JCZ (Shareholder of Himilelaser).

High Precision Mould Laser Texturing Machine 5 Axis


Model LEM
X-Axis 1100mm
Y-Axis 750mm
Z-Axis 440mm
B-Axis -60° to﹢60°
C-Axis 360°
Work Table
Dimension 630*630/φ900
Max Loading Capacity(KG) 1000
Power of Laser 100W
Accuracy of Axis Location
X-Axis 0.01mm
Y-Axis 0.01mm
Z-Axis 0.01mm
B-Axis 7"
C-Axis 8"
Accuracy of Axis Relocation
X-Axis 0.008mm
Y-Axis 0.006mm
Z-Axis 0.006mm
B-Axis 5"
C-Axis 5"
Machine Dimension and Net Weight
Net Weight(KG) 10,000
Machine Dimension(mm) 3000*3500*3500

Laser Texturing Machine for Mould

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