Cyclops 2 Axis Laser Galvo Scanner Head with CCD GO7S

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    Cyclops 2D Laser Galvo Head with CCD for Preview

    GO9 series laser galvo scanner head is with full digital driver and high precision sensor, widely used for laser marking, etching, engraving, cutting, welding... It is with optional protocol XY2-100 (16 bits and 18 bits), SL2-100 (20 bits), and coated mirror with wavelength 355nm,532nm,1064nm...


    What is the camera range supported by cyclops camera?

    The common format is 70 * 70mm, 110 * 110mm, 150 * 150mm. If you need a larger format, please contact us.

    What are the advantages of cyclops scanner?

    1.Background show in EZCAD workspace to make marking machine more safe.

    2.UV laser machine is not allowed to use red beam to preview,cyclops help you to wasily locate marking position.

    3.Simple: edit screen and background view support mouse zoom at the same time.


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    Model GO7S-A
    Wavelength 355nm,532nm,1064nm,10600nm...
    Interface XY2-100
    Input Aperture 10mm
    WorkingTemperature 0-45C
    Linearity 99.90%
    SettingTime ≤0.35ms
    ScaleDrift <40PPM/C
    ZeroDrift <15μRad./C
    Long-termDriftOver8Hours <0.5mRad
    RMSCurrent 2.0A
    PeakCurrent 15A(Max)
    MaximumScanAngle 土15°
    StorageTemperature -10to+60C
    Resolution 12μrad
    Repeatability 8μrad
    InputAperture 10.0mm
    BeamDisplacement 13.5mm
    MotorWeight 58g
    Frequency ≤1200Hz
    InputVoltage 土15VDC
    PositionSignalInputResistance 1KQ+1%
    PositionSignalInputScaleFactor 0.33V/°
    PositionSignalOutputScaleFactor 0.33V/°
    WorkingTemperature 0-45C
    Dimension(LxWxH) 75x50x28mm

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