MOPA Fiber Laser – JPT M6 20W 30W 70W

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EZCAD2 is a reliable laser software for laser(Fiber,UV,CO2,Green) and galvo(XY2-100 protocal) control, widely used for laser marking, etching,engraving, welding and cutting machines.

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    JPT MOPA Fiber Laser Source LP Series 20W,30W,50W,100W

    JPT M6 series fiber laser is JPT's more advanced pulsed fiber lasers. In addition to the advantages of the M1+ series, M6 fiber laser also has the advantages of first pulse available, wider pulse width adjustment range, and faster response speed. It an ideal laser for precision machining and other applications. At the same time, each M6+ laser has undergone comprehensive and demanding performance and reliability tests to ensure that every machine delivered to customers is of high quality and reliability.

    New Features

    1.1ns~250ns great pulse width adjustable range, wide application material range.
    2.Large frequency range, more applications.
    3.High-quality beam quality, better processing effect.
    4. The first pulse is available and the pulse response is faster, making a better processing result.
    5.Zero light leakage, safer.

    Why Buy From JCZ?

    1. Strategic Partnership with JPT

    As a strategic partner, we get an exclusive price and service.

    2. Competitive Price

    JCZ gets the exclusive lowest price as a strategic partner, with thousands of annually ordered laser. Therefore, an competitive price can be offered to customers.

    3. One-stop Service

    It is always a headache issue for customers if the main parts like a laser, galvo, laser controller are from different suppliers when need support. Buying all the main parts from one reliable supplier seems to be the best solution and obviously, JCZ is the best option.

    4. Customized Service

    JCZ is not a trading company, we have more than 70 professional laser, electrical, software engineers, and 30+ experienced worker in the production department. Customized services like customized inspection, pre-wiring, and assembly are available.


    What does each character mean in JPT laser model?

    YDFLP--X -XX--XX--X--X
    1        2      3      4      5   6

    1: Basic product attributes: Ytterbium-doped pulsed fiber laser (YDFLP)

    2: Product size: C: Compact, unmarked means conventional model.

    3: Output power: 10W ~ 150W.

    4: Pulse characteristics: M series can adjust narrow pulse width, LM1 series can adjust large pulse width. LP1 has a fixed pulse width.

    5: Fiber properties: S: single-mode fiber, M2 2.5

    6: Additional function: R: comes with built-in red light



    What is the difference between LP, M1,M6 and M7 JPT Mopa laser?

    Generally speaking,

    LP series JPT laser is with fixed pulse width.

    M1 series JPT laser is an entrance-level of MOPA laser, with adjustable pulse width. Not suggested using M1 anymore, M7 has a lower price and better performance.

    M6 series JPT laser is an advanced MOPA laser, with adjustable pulse width. Not suggested using M1 anymore, M7 has a lower price and better performance.

    M7 series JPT laser is the most advanced MOPA laser, with adjustable pulse width.

    Check more details in the specification chart below.


    Product Model YDFLP-20-M6+-S YDFLP-30-M6+-S YDFLP-30-M6+-L1 YDFLP-70-M6+-L1
    <1.3 <1.8
    Delivery Cable Length 2m 3m
    Nominal Average Output Power >20w >30W >70W
    Maximum Pulse Energy 0.5mJ 0.5mJ 0.96mJ 1.0mJ
    Full Power Repetition Rate Range 40~2000 kHz 60~2000 kHz 31~2000 kHz 70~2000 kHz
    Pulse Repetition Rate Range 1~2000kHz
    Pulse Duration 1~250 ns 2-250 ns
    Longtime Average Power Stability <5%
    Cooling Method Air Cooled
    Supply DC Voltage(VDC) 24V
    Current Consumption <8A <10A <13A
    Full Power Consumption 120w 140w 310W
    Central Emission Wavelength 1064nm
    Emission Bandwidth@3dB <15nm
    Polarization Random
    Anti-Reflection Protection YES
    Output Beam Diameter 7士0.5mm 6士0.5mm
    Output Power Tuning Range 0~100%
    Operation Temperature 0~40°C
    Storage Temperature -10~60。C
    N.G. 8KG 10KG
    (LxWxH) Size 315x220x99mm 315x275x99mm

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