Ultraviolet (UV) Laser 355nm- Huaray China Polar 3W, 5W, 10W Water Cooling

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Huaray UV (Ultraviolet) Laser Source 355nm 3W, 5W, 12W Water Cooling

The Poplar series nanosecond UV lasers offer a new all-in-one design, which is easy for integration. Narrow pulse widths at high frequencies, low thermal impact on processing edges, and high efficiency can be achieved. At the same time with triple frequency shift function, which can effectively extend the life of the laser. And an optional online monitoring function to meet the demanding conditions of industrial processing needs. These products are mainly used in the high-end market for ultra-fine processing, including PCB/FPCB cutting and depaneling, ceramic material punching and scribing, glass/ sapphire/ wafer cutting, LED substrate wafer scribing and other fields.

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Why Buy From JCZ?

1. Strategic Partnership with Huaray

As a strategic partner, we get an exclusive price and service.

2. Competitive Price

JCZ gets the exclusive lowest price as a strategic partner, with thousands of annually ordered laser. Therefore, an competitive price can be offered to customers.

3. One-stop Service

It is always a headache issue for customers if the main parts like a laser, galvo scanner, laser controller are from different suppliers when need support. Buying all the main parts from one reliable supplier seems to be the best solution and obviously, JCZ is the best option.

4. Customized Service

JCZ is not a trading company, we have more than 70 professional laser, electrical, software engineers, and 30+ experienced worker in the production department. Customized services like customized inspection, pre-wiring, and assembly are available.


SPECIFICATIONS Poplar-355-3 Poplar-355-5 Poplar-355- 5AZ Popla-355-12  Poplar-355-18
Fundamental Center Wavelength 355nm
Output Power and Energy >3W, > 70µJ@50kHz > 5W, >110μJ@50kHz > 5W, >110μJ@50kHz >12W,>150μJ@80kHz  >19W,>300uJ@60kHz
Repetition Rate 20kHz- 200kHz 50kHz-200kHz
Pulse Width <22ns@50kHz <18ns@50kHz <10ns@50kHz <15ns@80kHz  <15ns@60kHz
Spatial Mode TEM(M² ≤1.2)
Beam Divergence ≤2mrad
Astigmatism <0.2
Beam Circularity ≥90%
Polarization Ratio > 100:1
Polarization Direction Horizontal
Beam Pointing Stability <25μrad/°C
Pulse Energy Stability ≤3%RMS
Power Stability ≤3%RMS ≤5%RMS
Long-term Pointing Stability <25μrad/°C
External Comms RS-232
≤1mm (Without Beam Expander) ≤4mm(With2xBeamExpander)
Beam Diameter, 0.3m in Front of Laser ≤2mm (With 2x Beam Expander) ≤8mm(With5xBeamExpander)
≤5mm (With 5x Beam Expander)
Working Material Nd:YV04
Warm-up Time <15min
Operating Temperature +10 to +35°C
Operating Humidity <65%
Non-Operation(Storage) Temperature -10 to +45°C
Shipping Temperature(Non-condensing) -10 to +45°C
Cooling Water
Power Supply (Consumption) 110/220V AC, 50/60Hz ( 600W) 110/220VAC,50/60Hz(800W)
Classification Class 4 Class4
Head Weight 19.5kg 31.5kg

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HUARAY Poplar-355-5W


HUARAY Poplar-355-5AZ


HUARAY Poplar-355-12W

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