INVISCAN China 3 Axis Galvo Scanner With VCM Motor

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High Speed 3 Axis Galvo Scan Head With VMC Motor for Marking, Cutting, Welding...

 INVINSCAN Series 3D laser galvo scanner head is with the X Y Z axis. The Z-axis works as a focus shifter, which will change the working distance between the f-theta lens and objects according to the height of the object. By working with the DLC2-M4-3D controller and EZCAD3 software, laser processing like marking can be done easily and efficiently.

*High Rate: Scanning speed > 10000mm / S
*Hyper fine: Repeatability < 2um
*Stable: Long time temperature drift < 5urad
*Uniformity: Spot diameter error within the processing range< 19%

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A1064-10 A355-14A 355-10A 1064-14A
Beam Aperture 10mm 14mm 10mm 14mm
Wavelength 1030-1070nm 355nm
Max Marking Speed 450cps/s 700cps/s 450cps/s 700cps/s
Positioning Speed 7m/s 10m/s 7m/s 10m/s
Tracking Error 0.3ms 0.18ms 0.3ms 0.18ms
Repeated Marking Accuracy <2μrad
Long Drift(>8h) <5urad
Operating Deflection Angle ±20°
Beam Expansion Ratio 1.6 2.8 1.6
Protocol XY2-100
Max Affordable Power 250W 10W 25W
Incident System Spot 7mm 6mm 3.5mm 7mm
Operating Temperature 25±10℃
Marking Area 70*70、100*100、150*150、200*200、300*300
Current & Voltage ±15VDC,≥3A; 24V 3A

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